8 November '17: Favourite shapes

© Martha Roberts

Welcome to Wednesday, my colour-loving chums. I have this thing about squares and cubes. It stems back to school technical drawing classes where we were taught to draw 3D structures using vanishing points. It’s remained my doodle of choice ever since (Something pretty like a still life? No can do. But I can draw you Rubik’s Cubes til the cows come home). Dr Susan Dellinger, author of Psychogeometrics, says you can tell someone’s personality by the shapes they prefer. Triangles are born leaders who love cracking jokes while circles are friendly and hate making unpopular decisions. Square-lovers, on the other hand, are apparently organized and like a neat workspace. I guess there’s always going to be an exception that proves the rule…What do you like to doodle?

Martha, The Colour File x

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