14 November '17: Budgie blue

I have a thing about unusual names. As a cub reporter, I spent hours trawling the pages of the electoral register, pre-internet, looking for people. The best I found was ‘Jilly Jelly’ and I’ve envied it ever since. Other favourite names include Titty and Twitty which is what a friend of mine called her budgies when I was a kid. If I had budgies, that’s what mine would be named, too. Statistics from 2011 show there are around 1 million pet budgies in the U.K and the numbers are rising. It’s thought that the word budgerigar derives from the aboriginal word ‘betchegara’ meaning ‘good to eat’. Don’t know about you but I’m in no hurry to see one on a plate. Catch you later.
Martha, The Colour File x

© Martha Roberts

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