20 November '17: Londoners love colour

There are many reasons I love being a Londoner: the ever-changing skyline, the constant Thames, the delicious Tube map (tired of the London Tube map? You’re tired of life!) I love Londoners, too, especially since reading that their favourite @farrowandball paint colour is stylish and ‘out there’ #InchyraBlue, a dark blue-grey. The rest of the country prefers pretty but safe neutral #DropCloth.
Today’s shelfie colour is #Vardo by Farrow & Ball, a superb teal that is, apparently, the top seller in Wimbledon (Why? Suggestions, please). I love it as a backdrop to bright pink, yellow and orange, though it looks equally good with modern black, white and copper. Will give that a go soon and post it for you to see.

Martha, The Colour File x

© Martha Roberts

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