25 November 17: The world's best job

What job did you hope to do when you were a kid? Possibly not the one you’re doing now. Just 22 per cent of us that live that dream. In my case, this may be a good thing: I’m not so sure i’d have been any good at being either a traffic warden OR Julie Andrews. But is it ever too late to resurrect those early dreams? As well as musical theatre and parking enforcement (I was three, ok?) I’ve always harboured a desire to be someone who names paint colours. I mean, what a GREAT job. That’s why when I discovered the Siecle range by Simon March at @colourmakespeoplehappy I was delighted (see painted clogs, bottom right). Not your usual names. How about ‘Hair of nan’, ‘Red Stewart’ or even ‘I resent that snide remark’? Take a look. They are inspired and glorious (as are the colours). You can see them here.
Martha, The Colour File x

©Martha Roberts

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