29 November 17: The 'ugliest' colour?

I love a good old ‘man bites dog’ story (once a hack etc). Years ago I went on a Press trip to a world-famous theme park and spotted a certain mouse smoking with his mask off in one of the underground tunnels. That was a definite highlight. Unexpected and different things are exciting: something that deviates from the norm. Whilst news of the world’s favourite colour interests me, what intrigues me more is news of its worst. Research in 2016 revealed the world’s ‘ugliest’ colour to be Pantone 448C, a murky khaki green. Described as ‘death’, ‘dirty’ and ‘tar’, it’s now being used on cigarette packets in countries including the UK and France in a bid to deter smokers from the habit. I recently bought a dress in ‘death’ green (top left) and I’ve found that bright pink brings it back to life. What are your thoughts on 448C?
Martha, The Colour File x

©Martha Roberts

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