Monthly Archives: February 2018

17 February 18: A search for indigo books

Good morning, my lovely friends 👛🌺❤️🍊💛📗🌵💧👖👾☂️ Since divulging my librarian secrets the other day, I’ve had books on my brain. My local @oxfambookshops has inadvertently helped me in my quest to build a bibliographic rainbow by selling off vintage @penguinclassics and Pelican books for 99p and as such I’m starting to fill in the spectral gaps. As a big […]

15 February 18: School library stories

Not so long ago, I had a part-time job as a primary school librarian. My time was mainly spent mending the Guinness World of Records with gaffer tape (it was a very popular read), saying ‘shooooosh!!!’ more times than you can actually imagine and scrabbling around on the floor, looking under bookcases for ‘Where’s Wally?’ […]

14 February 18: Choose your door

Happy Wednesday, folks. Which front door would you most like to see behind, fictional or real? Maybe it’s 10 Downing Street or the White House (actually, I think I’d rather not know 🍊) or perhaps it’s a door from a film. Personally, it’s any pretty-coloured door that does it for me, like these Bantham beauties. […]

12 February 18: Your favourite beach find

Hello, my colour-loving friends. What’s in your top 10 of things that make you happy? Aside from the expected (second-in-command’s happiness, naturally. I once read you’re only as happy as your least happy child: so true), unexpectedly finding something colourful is probably right up there. Add ‘free’ and ‘by the sea’, whether it’s an image […]