13 February 18: Purple and orange power

Ah, purple and orange, what an unorthodox and devil-may-care duo you are.

They’re not for the feint-hearted but I sense they rather like that and hang out together with the express intention of shocking people.

Whenever I see them together, I think of that scene from Four Weddings and a Funeral where Scarlett wears that amazing orange dress with a purple sash (‘the ecclesiastical purple and the pagan orange symbolizing the mystical symbiosis in marriage between the heathen and Christian traditions?’ suggests Gareth).

I’ve promised myself ever since that I’d someday wear this combination. I haven’t yet managed it (how has it passed me by? 🤔) but until I do, these ranunculus and anemones against Little Greene’s #ThaiSapphire will have to suffice. What maverick colour combinations do you admire from afar?

Martha, The Colour File x


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