13 January 18: Beautiful Angie

Hello Colour Filers.

I’m taking a break (of sorts) from painting pink by sipping a curious pink drink in @ikeauk so I thought I’d take this moment to show you how @littlegreenepaintcompany #angie is looking.

Isn’t she a ravishing beauty? Her pinkness seems to offset everything I own, like a new friend everyone gets on with famously. She’s like the Baby Bear’s porridge of paints: just right.

She’s also conferred great tranquillity upon the room, perhaps because she’s a little bit like Schauss Pink (AKA Baker-Miller Pink) which, as per my 27 November blog, has been shown in studies to reduce heart rate and settle psychological turbulence.

How remarkable to have a colour that not only soothes the heart but also fills it with joy. More pink coming soon…

Martha, The Colour File x


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