13 January 18: Loving the pink!

Hello, my colour-loving chums.

Like so many of you, I am an inveterate paint geek. There’s always a busy mob of tester pots gathering at Colour File HQ (currently 43 and growing by the day) and I’ve lost count of how many colour cards I’ve accumulated. Thanks to @littlegreenepaintcompany I am currently painting said HQ in readiness for exciting times ahead.

And, just to confirm how geeky I am, I’ve been banging on about my new cutting-in brush to just about anyone who’ll listen (or not: sorry, second-in-command) and because it is, quite simply, one of my favourite purchases ever.

Inspired by a blog written by Emily of @pinkhouselivingabout a shop painted in a Little Green pink, I’ve painted the living room with #Angie and can’t quite believe how crazy happy I am with it. Pink totally rocks.

More from pink (and from the fantabulous Emily) soon. Watch this space.

Martha, The Colour File x


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