17 December 17: Chrismukkah joy

Love, it seems, can do many things. It can save souls, bring disparate folk together and blast hearts into a gazillion tiny shards. Love can also make us do the unprecedented (change religion, anyone?). At this time of year, the result of love (now lost) brings me two separate joys. I get to put up a Christmas tree (like I did as a kid) and I get to light a menorah: the treasure in the trash is that I now celebrate the blended ‘Chrismukkah’. Love and life may move on, but I still adore lighting the Hanukkah candles. One year, post-love and preoccupied with stooping to pick up the gazillion pieces, I found myself woefully unprepared. Thankfully, Hungry Caterpillar candles left over from a third birthday came to the rescue. This year, I got my act together enough to buy these little beauties (top left). Colour rocks it, yet again.
Martha, The Colour File x

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