17 February 18: A search for indigo books

Good morning, my lovely friends 👛🌺❤️🍊💛📗🌵💧👖👾☂️

Since divulging my librarian secrets the other day, I’ve had books on my brain. My local @oxfambookshops has inadvertently helped me in my quest to build a bibliographic rainbow by selling off vintage @penguinclassics and Pelican books for 99p and as such I’m starting to fill in the spectral gaps.

As a big fan of faded colours, I’m always scoping for books that have been bled of their colour so that they’re now a pastel version of their former selves. Here’s a representative sample of my latest finds. Aren’t they delicious? I love, too, how all the birds are piled up next to each other (I wonder what they’re talking about? “Budge up! You’re standing on my feet!”)

Found any good books lately? I’m still searching for more indigo and violet so do let me know if you spot any anywhere.

Martha, The Colour File x


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