18 February 18: Fear of wearing yellow

Hello lovely people.

I recently read that yellow is the colour that people fear wearing the most (followed by pink, orange, red and green). Apparently they would love to wear more colour but are afraid of what friends and family might think.

Folks, I have something to tell you: life is waaaaay to short to care about this. I reckon if you’re living in fear of other people’s opinions (and let’s face it, what do they know?), it’s time to not give a damn, starting right now. I wasn’t always this way but one of the benefits of getting older – aside from being offered a free pen for taking out life insurance – is thumbing my nose at convention and being thrilled about it.

As such, I’m loving this @beatricebitalia scarf – I think it’s the most beautiful item of clothing I’ve worn in a while. And it has all the colours people fear wearing the most. What better way to tackle your fears than with this piece of deliciousness?

I was with my gorgeous bestie Pascale @style_mum last weekend and, knowing how colour bonkers I am, she lent it to me to spread a little colour joy, so that’s what I’m doing. Thanks, P 😘💖😘. Catch you later, folks.

Martha, The Colour File x


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