24 December 17: Christmas Eve memories

Christmas Eve is a day bursting with memories, like my mum making mince pies while we listened to the service of nine lessons and carols from King’s College Cambridge on the radio (still love belting out a good descant).

Then there was making last minute paper chains (cue mouth like sandpaper) and listening to the gentle ‘ding’ as the pine needles started to drop (‘But it’s not even Christmas Day!!!’).

Recently, my friend Betty was telling me about the traditional Christmas Eve meal (wigilia) in Poland. Apparently it’s convention to have an odd number of courses (5, 7, 9 or 11) but sometimes 12 after the 12 disciples. Tradition has it you have to eat some of each course…now THAT is impressive Christmas Eve feasting. See you tomorrow.

Martha, The Colour File x

PS look at my gorgeous @sewdarnsassy wreath (on a convex mirror in the Colour File HQ, top left). Can you spot my cheeky second-in-command in the centre? Thanks ladies


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