28 January 18: Red, yellow and green

Happy Sunday, lovely people ❤️⭐️🌿

Don’t you just love it when colours come together? Well, that’s what’s just happened at Colour File HQ. I bought this fabulous tall industrial side table from @etsyuk a few weeks ago and immediately had a vision of the delicious green going with yellow and red.

A pot of @littlegreenepaintcompany #AtomicRed(plus the handiwork of @zoeellinson 😘) and some red and green accessories (including a Lowry-inspired picture by @ezee646) and my vision was complete.

I love it and can’t stop wandering over to it, like I’m making some kind of colour pilgrimage. Maybe I should dub it my ‘colour alter’. What colour combinations work for you?

Martha, The Colour File x


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