29 December 17: Sweet wrapper joy

Over Christmas, the bumper box of #qualitystreet inevitably made its way to the table.

As always, I asked my family to keep the cellophane from their eaten chocolates and give them to me (Weird? Me?). Each Christmas I end up with a pile that I’ve smoothed and stashed and I pop them in a cupboard in preparation of some fantastical planned project or other.

In reality I get them out sometime later the following year and hold them up to the window for the simple pleasure of seeing light pour through the colours. I particularly love where the colours layer, like a pretty Venn diagram.

When my younger brother was just a few months old and I was 21, our dad did something similar for him and we watched him getting super-excited about it. Anyone else as bonkers about these wrappers as me?……

Martha, The Colour File x


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