3 February 18: Pink, green and lilac love

Hello folks, long time no see (my fault entirely, not yours).

I’ve been revisiting that ‘What’s your favourite colour?’ question lately, mainly because, after years of saying I can’t make up my mind, I’ve finally accepted that I’ll never be able to settle for just one. It’s green and pink together that do it for me.

Throw in a little lilac and you really can’t get much better than that (like this bit of @gucci perfection in @vogue, top right). I recently read that we start showing colour preferences when we are babies, despite the commonly-held belief that all we’re interested in when we’re newborn is black and white.

UK researchers found that babies tend to look at blue, red, purple and orange for the longest amount of time, suggesting those are amongst their favourite colours. Brown, on the other hand, was the colour they looked at for the shortest amount of time.

They also found that babies are less likely to look at brown first when it’s paired with the other colours, suggesting brown is the colour they like the least. I rest my case. Anyway, as you were. See you soon – my tardy days are behind me.

Martha, The Colour File x


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