4 January 2018: Colour is my salve

Gosh, this is a late one.

Apologies: I’ve been head-down with the book and have just come up for air (am also officially the world’s worst mother after second-in-command spent the ENTIRE day on his PS4).

I’ve been reacquainting myself with some colourful things in Colour File HQ that are guaranteed to make me happy and calm me down. The latest addition to this colourful first aid kit for the weary soul is a page from a French encyclopaedia from @etsyuk (bottom right), filled with stunning colours and equally stunning names, including Momie (mummy), Laque dé garance (also known as Madder Rose) and Gris de Payn (Payne’s grey, named after watercolourist William Payne).

Am off to cwtch up in some crocheted blankets of loveliness and hope to be a better mum tomorrow.

Martha, The Colour File x 


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