22 February 18: How many handbags?…

Hello there 🛍👜👛

How many handbags do you own? Yes, I know: lots. Apparently the average is 14, bought at a rate of three a year (so congratulations for chucking some out, even if it’s to make more space for reinforcements 😁).

Even men are on the bandwagon: 50 per cent use a ‘man-bag’ and more than one in 10 use them to make a statement. But the handbag stat I love the most is the one that tells us that 35 per cent of women spend 80 days of their lives looking for things in their bag.

This morning whilst rummaging around for my travel card, I also found two sachets of sweetener (it’s official: I’m my mum), paracetamol, a plastic spoon, five lip glosses and a Lego man’s legs. No wonder so much time disappears down the bottom of our bags.

What random objects do you have in your bag today?

Martha, The Colour File x


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