27 February 18: Shelfie love

Ah, shelfies. How I love them.

I style them when I’m happy, I style them when I’m feeling a little bit down in the chops. They help me to do something with my creativity before I go insane. Yesterday I borrowed this cute Moss shelving unit from the good folks at @madedotcom to help fulfil this shelfieing need. My plan is try it out in different locations at Colour File HQ, with different backgrounds and with different objects on it: to me that’s a kind of sport. How many personalities can one shelving unit have? Many, I suspect. There are two pics of it here: one taken from the side and one straight on. And today’s version is set against #angie pink by @littlegreenepaintcompany. What are your thoughts? Cute? Looking forward to showing you more tomorrow. Have a tip-top day, lovely people.

Martha, The Colour File x

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