28 February 18: In praise of 'cute' food

Hello from Wednesday, folks 🌸🌼🌺🍀
Don’t you just love ‘cute food’? Whether it’s baby sweetcorn, teeny spring rolls or tiny carrots with the tops still on, I’m a sucker for mini morsels. I’ve always harboured a desire to open a restaurant where the chairs and tables are massive but the food is tiny, just to play tricks with perspective (though in truth, at just under 5ft 2, most chairs and tables are pretty big for me anyway). Apparently miniature food is a ‘thing’ in Japan, largely on account of their fascination with things that are ‘kawaii’, or cute. I always think macarons are kawaii: a small but perfectly formed piece of colourful loveliness (I always try to get at least four bites out of each one, again for the sake of perspective 🤔😆). What miniature things are you a sucker for? No? Just me?….
Martha, The Colour File x 

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