5 March 18 Any wallpaper fans out there?

Hands up who loves wallpaper? My earliest wallpaper memory is one I’ve mentioned before because it was so significant – purple (vinyl) paisley in my childhood bedroom, followed by smoky blue @lauraashleyuk that I fell out of love with as a teenager and painted white with paint I’d found in the cellar and without telling my mum. That was probably around the time that we all seemed to fall out of love with wallpaper but that has now changed. One online retailer says this is because we arent just treating wallpaper as a simple wall covering: we now see it as an affordable art form and a way to make a statement. Having recently worked with @minimoderns wallpapers including A Forest in mustard (see yesterday’s post) I personally experienced how wallpaper can certainly change the mood of a room (and of human beings!) for the better. I’m definitely a wallpaper fan: how about you?
Martha, The Colour File x

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