9 March 18: The doll with blue eyebrows

When I was four, I had a doll I called Jesus who lived in my toy rocking cot and whose eyebrows I’d inexpertly painted with blue pearlescent nail polish. I rediscovered him in my mum’s attic a few years back (I couldn’t fathom how that decorated doll didn’t cause me night terrors) and found he had burgundy nails, too. I’ve always loved nail polish, obviously because of the colours but also because of the names. I recently read that OPI sends its colour namers on trips for inspiration before sitting in a room for 6-8 hours before settling on the names for its 12 seasonal shades. Now THAT is a job I’d LOVE to have! What’s the best name you’ve ever found on a nail polish?
Martha, The Colour File x

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