17 March 18: Colour order club

Hands up who likes putting things in colour order? ❤️🍊⭐️🍏🦋💙👾☂️
I was wondering, do you know of a secret group you can join where you can do this with like-minded people? My favourite thing to put in colour order is my ever-growing collection of vintage Penguin books so ideally I’m after a book group where we forget such trifles as plot and narrative and focus on much more important stuff: the book covers. We’d wax lyrical about colour and pattern before passing our books round so we could all stroke and admire them before heading home to put them back in colour order on a shelf. Ah, what a dreamy thought. Anyone fancy starting a book cover group with me? You don’t have to be weird but it may help 😁
Martha, The Colour File x

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