What is the Blue Mind effect?

I grew up near the River Thames and I live near it now, just a few miles from my childhood home.

I’d often walk down to the river as a teenager and find the river a constant, calming yet energy-giving force: whatever’s happening in your life, the river keeps flowing as a reminder that life does, too, even if at times it feels turgid and static.

It still does this to me now. I recently read about Wallace J.Nichols and his theory of the ‘Blue Mind’.

After decades as a marine biologist, he concluded that being in, on, under or even near water can make you happier, healthier, more connectedness better at what you do.

And even if you can’t be near water, being more mindful as you take a bath or shower and even looking at pictures of water may help.

I’m guessing that the theory of Blue Mind may also account for why older people love sitting in their cars with a flask of tea, staring out to sea. Suddenly this most curious of inactivities makes some kind of sense.

What effect does being near water have on you?

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Have you ever experienced the blue effect?

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