21 March 18: Colour-ordered clothes

Looking in my wardrobe this morning, I’ve realised I’m missing a huge opportunity: my clothes aren’t arranged in colour order (apparently it’s #internationalcolourday So maybe today is the day). I’ve surprised myself that I’ve been so totally remiss. My local charity shops are particularly skilled at the colour themed thang which not only pleases me but gives me ample picture and colour story opportunities, like these shirts, top left. I recently read that men who wear pink to work earn more and are more confident as well as earning £1000 more per year than those wearing other colours. Those who wear green shirts are most likely to be late for work while those in white are most punctual. See, food for the eyes AND the brain, all prompted by colour.
Martha, The Colour File x
Stockists: ‘Brood’ picture by Jessica Ford (acrylic and pencil on canvas)

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