24 March 18: Looking for scaffolding

What are up to today, folks?

I’m in search of delicious colour pics and, from experience, I know I can’t be sure exactly where this will take me. Exciting!! I tend to find colour in the least expected places, like in road markings or in a pattern in someone’s clothes (yes, I have stopped people to ask if I can snap them in the name of colour). There’s a cluster of images I’ve been desperate to get for a while but haven’t yet managed, namely the ends of scaffolding planks being transported on the backs of lorries. They’re usually painted in distinctive colours – my favourites so far have been blood red then pink and mint green. Trouble is the drivers go way too fast for me to snap them so my mission is as yet unaccomplished. Like anything, the more you look often the less you find it so today may not be the day for scaffolding. Let’s just see. If you see any, please let me know (and maybe even snap them). Have a fantabulous day 🌈🌸💖☀️⭐️

Martha, The Colour File x

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