27 March 18: Bittersweet plastic finds

Hi, folks.

Spring has sprung and that can only mean one thing round here: it’ll soon be time for The Colour File to head to the beach for the bittersweet pursuit of plastic. As I’ve said before, I love but hate my plastic beach hauls: I love the colours but I hate that they’ve come to me in the form of plastic marine litter. One thing’s for sure – I can always guarantee that I’ll pick up cotton bud stems; not surprising as the Marine Conservation Society has described them as one of the most prevalent types of pollution on UK beaches (perhaps that’s why I’ve previously found so many colours, as seen in the pastel collage that I made yesterday). Are you a beachcomber? What’s the most unusual object you’ve found on a beach? And do you spot as much plastic as I do?

Martha, The Colour File

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