29 March 18: A rainbow of colouristas?

What’s the collective noun for people who love colour?

A spectrum of colourphiles? A rainbow of colouristas? Whatever it is, that’s what I’ve been happily a part of today. Seven fellow colour-loving bloggers and I got to immerse ourselves in the utter joy that is spending the day at the @farrowandballfactory. That, my friends, is like sweet-toothed Augustus Gloop winning a golden ticket to Willi Wonker’s gaff only BETTER. Not only did we see metre upon metre of delicious wallpaper rolling off the production line (we buck the trend by being a group that actually enjoys watching paint dry) and meet colour guru Joa Studholme (Lucky? Yup!) we also got to mix our own paints (see pics). The end result of this arresting paint alchemy was a flamingo-esque peach from @forwardfeatures , a perfect pink from @emmajanepalin (which, she declared, was the ‘pink I’ve been looking for’) and a blue-green from me that was, we concluded, a lot like Bridget Jones’s blue soup disaster. Go on, admit it: you’re now secretly harbouring a desire to mix paints, too, aren’t you? Don’t blame you: it’s seriously FUN.

Martha, The Colour File x

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