5 April 18: Love affair with NYC

Oh NYC, you’ve gone and done it again 🇺🇸.

Every time I come back it would seem I’ve forgotten how colourful and captivating you are and how I can’t get enough of you. The first time I came here was when I was 24 and I was bowled over by the colours. I fell for the graffiti, just before Guiliani cleaned up the subway trains and Parks Commissioner Henry J. Stern described it as ‘a metaphor for urban decay’ (personally, I mourn the loss of those colours). Today, in Bloomingdales (where second-in-command battered my credit card 😮) I was in colour delirium, especially when I spotted these @sjpcollection shoes. I mean, how a girl to CHOOSE? Tomorrow promises more colour hunting (and hopefully more exciting than this pretty but grim breakfast cereal, bottom left, that even a sweet-toothed 11-year-old has rejected). Will share more colour soon.

Martha, The Colour File x

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