9 April 18: MoCCAFestNYC

My first memory of comics dates back to when I was four and my brother, aged seven, thought it would be fun to set fire to some…in the middle of our beige bedroom carpet. When it all got a bit out of hand, I was sent to carry buckets of water (well, as much as a four-year-old can carry) until our babysitter clocked what was going on and came to our rescue. I still think of that wave of panic when I see a pile of comics but more than that I am wowed by their colour and beauty and the skill that goes into creating them. Last weekend we went to MoCCAFestNYC, a public forum hosted by the Society of Artists, showcasing art & artists by some super-talented comic and graphic artists (like this piece, bottom left, by @natandrewson ). It took my breath away. Watch this space: second-in-command and I bought some fabulous original pieces of art and will be showcasing them at The Colour File HQ (and on Insta) soon. See you back in London.

Martha, The Colour File x

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