10 May 18: An app for wallpaper perspective

Gosh, is that the time already? Apologies for my tardiness in posting today.

I’ve been to some interiors events that were so colourful and exciting that I think I fell down a paint and wallpaper-lined rabbit hole. Yesterday I heard about a new app being launched by @grahamandbrown which enables you to see what their wallpapers (like this one, bottom left) will look like in your room. Personally I think this is a great idea. When it comes to wallpaper, I sometimes find the ‘perspective shift’ needed to imagine how an A4 wallpaper sample is going to transpose into a real life ‘I’ve got to actually live with this pattern’ situation a tad tricky. Will the pattern look too big, or too small? Will it make your heart sing, or sink? It can be a leap of faith and it’s easy to get it wrong (like me online over-ordering a bumper 48 loo rolls for our two-person household because I literally lost a sense of perspective). Great idea, guys. Now I just need a ‘visualise your loo roll needs’ app and my life will be complete.
Martha, The Colour File x

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