13 April 18: Favourite trainers

OK, folks, you’re going to have to humour me for a bit while I carry on talking about New York, my spiritual home. Out of five of us on our trip, we managed to come back with 17 pairs of shoes, seven of which were mine and second-in-command’s, four of which were trainers for me. Oh, and I could have carried on. There were some neon bright old school New Balance ones and these stunning retro Nike Air Max 90s that I reluctantly left behind. I fell head over heels in love with them and their green and pink beauteousness but by then I’d imposed a moratorium on any further sneaker purchases. I bought my first Nike Air Max’s in 1994 then each time I visited New York subsequently. These latest ones remind me of some silver Nike Air Max 97s that I bought in, err, 1997 and looked after so lovingly that I still had them when second-in-command was born in 2006 (there’s photographic proof: see second pic). My life, it seems, has a definite sneaker theme running through it. What pair of trainers/sneakers have you loved the most?

Martha, The Colour File x

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