14 May 18: Addicted to candles

I love candles.

In fact, as you can see, I have a candle-buying addiction (this pic is just the tip of the iceberg. Out of shot, my latest is fluoro pink, which is just heavenly).

I recently read about the relationship between candlelight and interiors in times gone by and how it impacted colour choices. In Georgian times, drawing rooms in wealthy households tended to be packed full of metallic or sparkly objects and details (for example, plates with gold rims, silver keyholes, metallic embroidery on waistcoats and dresses) so light from the candles would bounce and dance around the room.

The dark colours we often associate with Victorian interiors weren’t just about fashion: they came about because oil lamps which replaced candles coated walls with soot which needed to be disguised. I ❤️colour stories 😍

Martha, The Colour File x

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