18 April 18: Down in the subway

Good morning from sunny London.

I remember the first time I went to New York (see, I told you I’d go on about it for a while) I thought I needed to see EVERYTHING in case I didn’t go back. Nine trips later and I’m much more chilled: I always go back. I’m not sure why I only just clocked them but this time round I’ve fallen in love with the mosaics on the NY subway. The first ones were done when the system opened in October 1904 and new ones have been added over the years, including those my Squire Vickers whose designs were simple but incorporated beautiful colour pairings (top left) that bring colour and life to the ticket halls and platforms. I feel my next NY trip may involve a lot more subterranean mosaic-spotting. There’s so much beauty down there.

Martha, The Colour File x 

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