18 May 18: First pair of shoes?

Can you remember your favourite pair of shoes from your childhood?

Mine were silver and I chose them to be a bridesmaid when I was six. They were strappy and wildly blister-forming but I didn’t care: they rocked. Yesterday, while shoe shopping for SIC, I spotted these yellow patent leather beauties (top right) and briefly wished I was a little girl again. Aren’t they gorgeous?! My young self would have been all over those like a rash (it also reminded me of how I thought it was called ‘bacon leather’ and I could never understand how they made shoes from meat 🤔🤣). Loving this yellow and purple/indigo vibe, too (including more of @sophierobinsoninteriors set, bottom left, and wrapping paper from the fantabulous Emily Brooks @emilybrooksukabove it). Have a tip-top day.

Martha, The Colour File x

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