19 May 18: Did you blub, too?

OK, can we have a chat about this? What exactly IS it that makes us cry at weddings?

You mean you’re not? I’m sitting here working my way through the Kleenex as we speak, trying to fathom it out. I know I’m a sucker for hymns (Guide Me Oh Thou Great Redeemer: Welsh hymns + weddings = guaranteed to get me blubbing). And even though my marriage didn’t end so great (still have fond memories of the flowers, though 🌺🌸🤔😁) I still venerate marriage for so many reasons, so I guess when I see it happening it fills me with hope (that love is out there somewhere for all of us), awe (that people dare to dream) and joy (that people can find their own immense joy in a random world). Oh no, got to go. I’ve run out of tissues. Have a lovely day, lovely people.

Martha, The Colour File x 

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