2 May 18: Minimalist or maximalist?…

Now, it’s not often you’ll hear me say this but sometimes less can be more.

For years I wished I was a minimalist, capable of travelling through life without ‘stuff’. I’d go to people’s homes where everything was stowed away and kitchen surfaces were clear enough to – shock, horror – actually see them and think *sigh* life goals. No, even more than that: I felt I was deficient and fundamentally flawed because I couldn’t pare things back. Now, I’ve changed: I embrace my maximalism wholeheartedly and display it with abandon (I think all you stuff-loving folk I’ve met through @instagram have given me permission to realise that being a maximalist is no bad thing). However, today’s #shelfie offering has, I think, less than more and even I am capable of enjoying it (incidentally, second-in-command, who is off school sick, has just said, ‘It’s a bit plain’ 🤣 Maybe it’s genetic?…..) What are you: minimalist, maximalist or somewhere in between?

Martha, The Colour File x

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