21 April 18: Colourful mudlarking plans

Ah, hello, Sun. How lovely it is to see you again.

Folks, aren’t you just loving this bright light? I love how it makes colours go CRAZY. Today is the kind of day when I feel I should be on a beach, hunting for plastic. The sunlight makes it so much easier to see where the plastic is, which is great from both an eco ‘let’s clear the beach’ and a creative ‘I’ve been after that colour for AGES!’ perspective. Instead I’m at a fencing tournament (second-in-command, not me. Me in all-white? I think not). However, on a riverside walk last weekend I spotted HEAPS of plastic shards in shades I don’t currently have in my collection so I’m hoping to pop down there today or tomorrow to mudlark in the name of colour. I’ll then pop up a picture using my Thames-only finds. I’m giddy at the thought of it (yes, you’re right: I must get out more). In the meantime, here’s a rainbow cluster (mainly from Devon, Cornwall and France with a smattering of Thames) to brighten your day.

Martha, The Colour File x

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