23 April 18: Don’t give a (colourful) damn

A collage of colourful images, including a multicoloured array of pins in a pincushion.

Hello folks.

Maybe it’s something to do with the fact that I’m just a year away from half a century but I’m increasingly finding myself in that ‘Honestly, I couldn’t give a damn’ zone. Where I used to worry about what people might think about what I wore, said or looked like, I am now in a different space: the life-affirming ‘couldn’t really give a toss’ space. It’s properly liberating. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence, but I’ve found that doing The Colour File has increased this ‘Do I look like I care?’-ness. For example, if I see someone in an amazing outfit or something in a shop that I can imagine in one of my blogs, I let people know (in the past I’d have kept quiet. I know – hard to imagine). Take this multi-coloured pin cushion (top left). A kind but perplexed lady in my local dry cleaners agreed to let me photograph it after I banged on for a bit about how stunning it was (I personally think it’s a work of art, all the more beautiful because it isn’t intended to be anything other than functional). See, I wear the mad colour lady mantle with pride. Blimey, what do the next 50 years hold?…

Martha, The Colour File x

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