3 May 18: Purple Thames plastic

Good morning, folks. I trust all’s well.

I’ll be doing some shelfies today while second-in-command recuperates but in the meantime, I’ve rustled up a purple Thames plastic pic. Each time I decide to do a new coloured backdrop, i start from scratch. I know, I know, if I were more technically-minded, I could simply change the backdrop on a computer and be done with it. But as I sat arranging the pieces just now, I realised that this ‘short cut’ would be missing the point in so many ways. It would deny me the chance to sit still for a few minutes instead of rushing around. It would take away the ‘active’ mindfulness of arranging the shapes and colours and enjoying their beauty. And it would remove the wonderful, unexpected randomness that comes with starting from scratch each time. Life isn’t perfect and while that can suck, it’s also what it is and that is ok. For me, this inherent imperfection, transience and randomness is implicit in the simple act of making these pictures, starting with the harvesting of unwanted debris and ending with a collage that comes then goes but gives me utter joy and happiness while it’s here. As you were. Have a great day.

Martha, The Colour File x

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