30 May 18: Car boot heaven or hell?

Hello, folks. I recently read a survey that claimed car boot sales have suffered because of people selling on the internet. I love the thrill of finding objects online through @etsyuk (like this industrial pedestal) and @ebay_uk and having them sent to Colour File HQ from far-flung places across the globe.

However, I simply can’t get enough of car boot sales and the analogue joy they bring. Like this morning’s boot sale, it’s where I go to take photos, source shelfieable objects (like this £4 mannequin hand) and to drink in the colours, textures and sounds of deals being struck.

I always have a colour memory moment, too (today’s was a brown and orange 70s deckchair like one we had when I was a kid). A car booting session is, for me, akin to a form of therapy and I always return to Colour File HQ calmer and happier, despite the pushing, shoving and elbows out.

What about you? Are you a boot sale fan or is it your idea of hell?

Martha, The Colour File

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