4 May 18: Are shelfies in the genes?

…So, second-in-command has been off school this week and has not been his usual chirrupy, chirpy self. He’s still not eating much (spaghetti rings are the convalescence food of choice round here) and has been a bit listless. However, yesterday there were two indicators of a tentative return to his usual self: firstly, he has been on his PS4, and secondly, he created a shelfie. Red was the theme and, as such, I found him scouting around Colour File HQ for red objects. I warned him they’re a little thin on the ground but that didn’t stop him, as you can see. He even propped the billiard ball up with silly putty to stop it rolling off. I am LOVING his shelfie, both as a sign of recovery but also as a successful exercise in colour, composition and aesthetics. It goes to show you, too, that shelfies aren’t just for grown-ups. Well done, SIC ❤️

Martha, The Colour File x 

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