Monthly Archives: August 2018

24 June 18: Shelfie Sunday

Happy Sunday, folks. It turns out it’s a shelfie kind of Sunday. I don’t often do a pure, unadulterated books shelfie but after painting my shelf with Persian Rose by @craigandrosepaints (chosen by second-in-command) I felt that less was most definitely more. After all, book shelfies are where the whole shelfie concept originated. I love the sameness […]

23 June 18: Crimson, cravats & crime

Hello, folks. I’m on such a colour high after yesterday that I thought I’d spread some more Thames coloured plastic joy. Set against red, I think it has real drama and atmosphere. For some reason it’s making me think of an Agatha Christie crime thriller: blue silk cravats, overstuffed crimson velvet couches, that kind of […]

22 June 18: Sorbet, primary or monochrome?

Hi colour-chums. It’s been a while since I played with my plastic rubbish so while SIC is making a satellite for his science homework, I thought I’d sit and do another iteration. This time it’s one of my favourites – sorbet colours, reminiscent of Art Deco architecture, vintage 1950s dresses and, of course, Italian sorbet […]

19 June ’18: Lemon & Lime

Good morning, my colour-loving friends. As you know, I get colour inspiration wherever I go so I’m always thrilled when I hear that other people do, too. My friend, inspirational artist Antonia Woodgate @theglassisartfulcontacted me the other day to say that a newspaper article had inspired her to pick up the scalpel and craft her latest […]