19 June ’18: Lemon & Lime

Good morning, my colour-loving friends.

As you know, I get colour inspiration wherever I go so I’m always thrilled when I hear that other people do, too. My friend, inspirational artist Antonia Woodgate @theglassisartfulcontacted me the other day to say that a newspaper article had inspired her to pick up the scalpel and craft her latest piece. An article in the @guardian explained that @tescofood has started selling green lemons in an attempt to avoid shortages in its UK stores (and to counteract the waste – green ones last two days longer than yellow ones). Antonia says: “It got me thinking about changes in normal food colours, for example, how we’re used to yellow and orange tomatoes and purple carrots now.” Real food for thought. If you don’t know Antonia’s work (some of it appears in my book) then start following her to see what she does. Simple but stunning.

Martha, The Colour File x

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