22 June 18: A whole lot of Insta-joy

What a cool 24 hours it’s been!

I know that we all grumble about social media sometimes and dare ourselves to step away from the smartphone cos we fear we’re posting ourselves into oblivion. But social media (and @instagram in particular) has introduced me to some of THE most brilliant people. Case in point #1: an event at the wonderful @craigandrosepaints (which is, it turns out, a little bit like my second home now) and where I met some great colour-loving folks. And case in point #2: the @houseandgardenfestival where there were instafriends at every turn (and a welcomed sun-is-most-definitely-over-the-yardarm @pinkstergin with @pinkhouseliving Emily 💕. I think we may have stolen all the colours…..). Not to mention heaps of amazing things to photograph for The Colour File. Honestly, instajoy rolled out into real life is a wondrous thing 🌈💕☀️Catch you later.

Martha, The Colour File x


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