10 July 18: The power of yellow

Hello, folks 💛☀️📒☀️💛

I recently read that when they worked, both Maya Angelou and Robin Williams wrote on yellow notepads (Williams found that his ideas were ‘vivid that way’). I’ve really grown to love yellow immensely in the past couple of years, having been fairly ambivalent about it beforehand. I find it creatively inspiring and life-affirming, whether it’s in huge swathes or an accent colour. When I was writing the book earlier this year, I painted a small wall at Colour File HQ this mustard colour, Yellow Pink, by the Little Greene Paint Company, intending to do a shelfie against it. It didn’t happen but yesterday I stood in front of it and thought, ‘Your time has come, you little beauty.’ I thought I’d go all out and do yellow against yellow and yet more yellow (thanks to a retro tumbler by @minimoderns , a yellow face pot by @urbanoutfittershome and a lemon-coloured Biobu @ekobo_official storage jar from @cassius_coco used here as a pot for a trailing plant). If this shelfie had a title it would probably be Unequivocally Yellow. Or maybe Truly Madly Yellow. Normally, I snap my shelfies during daylight hours. However, as the sun began to set on Unequivocally Truly Madly Yellow (more is more when it comes to colour), I realised that this whole collective looked it’s most magical with a boost of artificial light. It may have taken months to do but I think it was worth the wait. 

Martha, The Colour File x

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