14 July 18: Picture shelfie

It’s #shelfiesaturday folks.

And in celebration of this, I’m bringing you a picture shelf shelfie from my book. I LOVE using picture shelves for so many reasons. These little beauties (Mosslanda ledges from @ikeauk) are in a corridor at Colour File HQ that is so skinny you couldn’t even swing a kitten in there (thankfully – why would you even DO that?) But despite width restriction challenges, I think these sleek shelves transform it into both a useful and a beautiful space to display not just pictures but small and slim objects d’art, too. As an object-shifter of epic proportions, I regularly move things around on these shelves in order to tell different visual stories. Sometimes the tale is one of calm and serenity, like standing in a pocket-sized art gallery, at other times it’s bursting with colour and diversity, like a carnival or festival, and the space comes to life (‘I know you’re having fun, guys’, I occasionally tell the assorted partying objects, ‘but I do actually need to get some sleep.’) At the moment the backdrop is the captivating Purpleheart by @littlegreenepaintcompany but I’m itching to try something new so watch this space. In the meantime, tell me about your picture shelves. What do you put on yours? Pictures alone? Or more than that? I’d love to know.

Martha, The Colour File x

Photography: Nick Pope @thenickpope • Styling Martha & @katiestylist •

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