15 July 18: Come colour-bomb with me

Happy Sunday, folks.

Yesterday I spent the day at Barnes Fair with my colour-loving magpie of a friend, Jax, gathering objects and images for The Colour File. For me, that’s like being plugged into a high-voltage colour socket and being recharged to full capacity. I’m still buzzing. I love colour beyond the beyond. I recently went into a shop that sells mainly pale and white objects and felt like I’d wandered into another universe. While I appreciate the calm and serenity of pale interiors, ever since that day I’ve been dying to go back into the store to colour-bomb it with pops of brightness (some Mexican cushions, jewel-coloured soda siphons like these ones on the bottom right square from @andrewmartin_int , maybe even a ‘colour meets white’ shelfie or two?…) Anyone fancy joining me in my colour-bombing quest?…Just imagine how much fun we’ll have…❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 Martha, The Colour File x

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