16 July 18: The ‘working’ shelf

Welcome to a new week, folks.

What a top weekend: friends, fairs, festivals and all-round good fun. I’ve also been playing around with shelfies – utter bliss. It lifts my heart and lowers my blood pressure, all at the same time. Who’d have thought it? Here is another pic from my book, Shelfie, which has just been published. It shows my ‘working shelves’ where I keep my shelfie ‘capsule wardrobe’: an assortment of items I’ve spent years collating and curating (including an ever-growing vintage Penguin stash) and which now form the basis of my shelfscapes. Tell me: what decorative objects could you not do without?  And do you gave any of your own shelfie object favourites? (PS book available through the link in my biog.) Martha, The Colour File x


Picture by Nick Pope @thenickpope

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