18 July 18: Amara wire shelf shelfie

Hi, lovely people.

I told you some time back about my challenging relationship with wires. On the whole they fluster me, largely because of the terrifying, dystopian ‘wires cupboard’ at Colour File HQ: when I go to open the door to this wire and charger hell, SIC throws himself in front of it, like he’s protecting me from a hungry bear. ‘Mum! Don’t!’ he pleads. ‘You know you’ll only get stressed!’ However, I have come to realise that wire does have some redeeming features. For example, I really rather like things made out of it, whether it’s Zulu telephone wire baskets or stylish wire shelves, like this one from @amaraliving that I used in the book. There’s something pleasingly gestalt about a wire shelf: there yet not there, sturdy enough to hold things yet delicate enough to let light pour through and help to retain a feeling of space. Clever. Top of the class, Wire Shelf. Seems like a good time to remind you that my book, Shelfie, is now on sale and I reckon you should buy it. It has oodles of ideas on how to organise and beautify your shelves – wire or otherwise (link in my biog) – and hopefully lots of colour inspo, too. In the meantime, maybe I should try to do something creative with the Cupboard of Doom wires; knit them into a scarf or make a macrame owl. Something to turn foe into friend. What are your thoughts?

Martha, The Colour File x (PS picture by Nick Pope @thenickpope )

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